Betway City was the place to be for the artists. And the new Stortingsbonus Centre is at the center of it. Pun intended. There was a lot that could be done in the city now. And it’s all thanks to the new shopping center.

Stortingsbonus Centre is made up of a hub of stores. On one side, there are high class clothes for those who like it. On the other side, there are budget clothes for those on a tight wallet. Betway City’s best stores make their home at the center.

Not only that, but Betway City’s new center also has a lot of dining places. There’s some fine dining all in one place. These are up front, to attract new folks. But old hands know where the find the cheaper food joints. Not to mention the street sellers who make stands in some nooks and crannies of the Stortingsbonus Centre.

For those who look for are in search of the night life, there’s quite a lot to find. In Stortingsbonus Centre, there are pubs, bars, and discos. The disco scene of Betway City is very much alive at the center.

As for the book worms, they have a lot of book stores to find in Stortingsbonus Centre. There are comic book stores and manga book stores. There are mainstream book stores. Independent book stores too.

There’s even specialty book stores. Here, you can request books that you can’t find elsewhere. And when it comes to Betway City, there are still some hard to find books lying around.

Artists meet

Of course, let’s not forget the art galleries. There’s a number of them in Stortingsbonus. Betway City’s community of artists meet up in this sacred hub. There’s some for classic art, and some for new age art. Even the more experimental ones have a home here. But then again, what’s art without experiment?

And let’s not forget the casinos. Betway City has a good number of them spread out. But most are in Stortingsbonus Centre. You may have a kind of casino that you favor. Well, you can pick from three.

The first one in Stortingsbonus has an Irish theme to it. Very green all around. And it’s one of the most well-known in Betway City. The funny thing is, there are rarely any Irish folks there.

For the second one in Stortingsbonus, it has a Chinese theme. Red colors show up often in this casino at Betway City. As with the first one, you’d have a hard time finding Chinese folks in the casino.

The last one in Stortingsbonus is the least exotic. But it is also the oldest one in Betway City. Once the center was built, the casino moved there. It’s large clientele soon followed. By far, it is the one casino that has the most crowd. Quite a feat for a city with a lot of casinos.

I guess part of the reason why is due to the fact that the staff are very good at what they do.




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